Welcome to #macrumors IRC

The MacRumors IRC Channel was established as an off shoot of the popular Apple rumors site: www.macrumors.com

The basic purpose of the channel is to discuss anything Apple related, as well as have the ability to talk to other users of Apple products in real time to get answers to questions on the products or technical support, as well as have lively discussions and debates about rumors of upcoming products and software releases.

The discussions don't stop there as many of the channel regulars are also versed in topics going beyond just the Apple community. Help or discussion can be found in the channel for pretty much anything technology or gadgets related and visitors can often find answers to questions about Windows Products, Linux, cameras, music, and even a bit of foodie talk from time to time.

The channel gets rather busy around announcement and keynote time (such as the Apple WWDC and product launches) but even in the down times the room is full of a lively bunch of people just chatting.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and join us in #macrumors.